Friday, March 20, 2015

Are You Being Challenged?

Hi all!

MAN it doesn’t get what I would call easier, does it? The energy is moving, for sure. You just can not be sure when it will move right under your feet these days. I would say your ‘intentions’ and thoughts are quieter though and having an impact - a positive impact. So watch where you allow your thoughts to go and practice abundant and positive thoughts!

People are being challenged to NOT see themselves as their physical bodies. We are connected energetically to everything including deeply connected to Mother Earth. It is a great time of year to get out and breathe some fresh air and I hope it is getting nice enough where you are to do just that.  Remember, (city) downtown is not necessarily ‘fresh air’. Try to get out and connect to the Earth in places that are more undeveloped and natural. You will notice a huge difference in the life force of such places.

There is a shift on the planet that is documented (see link below)

and this shift is represented in us as well - because we are energetically connected as I mentioned. The natural world makes the changes first and we must follow (when it is a natural world change). What are you noticing within yourself? Do you need some help?

Long held unreleased grief is being processed and released. Anger is subsiding. Peace is settling down upon the planet. Voices long unheard are being heard. Common sense is holding more power over collective thought. If it doesn’t make sense - it is not being fueled in the same way that it has been before now.

Your voice is important. Let it be heard. You are a force to be reckoned with. Just please make sure it is spoken for the GREATER good. You are being asked energetically by all that is guiding us to THINK about what you attach your energy to and lift your voice for the good of the whole.

And for those souls who are moving on ahead of us (and there are still many), hold them in GRACE and GOODNESS. They are the 'way show-ers'. Do not attach your grief to them, but your gratitude!

I’m on this human journey with you.




Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our New Year Overview

Hi all!

I hope you are surviving the winter season - enjoying the pleasant days out in the sunshine socializing, as well as the colder more dreary days inside cocooning with your comforts!

Last weekend we hit 54F here and the neighbors came out to chop ice together. (My driveway is the neighborhood disaster and we had ice 6 inches thick at the street!) It was a reminder of summer and our social natures. Then it turned cold again and the sun disappeared. (The sun disappearing here in Colorado doesn’t last for long, but we are spoiled with it so even a couple days depresses the energy.) I started doing nesting type activities again - rearranging rooms, washing linens and towels, drapes and bedding, cooking, reading, etc. This week it is expected to return to nearly 60F - this up and down is very symbolic of our sense of the world right now and although much of it is subtle - we can easily go into overwhelm if the self care wanes.

If you watch the Earth’s expression, you can keep yourself in the moment (stay present) by responding similarly. We are still struggling (or journeying) through some challenging transitional energies. This is showing up in symptoms of sleep disruption and eye dryness or tiredness, tension or blurriness. Also, sinus issues (that just don’t seem to fully go away), a lack of vitality, headaches, neck and upper back tensions and equilibrium challenges. You may also get pulled quickly into anger, frustration or fear.

Today while working on a client I got suddenly pulled into another dimension and then ‘popped’ out of it and back onto this plane. It was the very first time something like that has happened to me, but with the ‘veil’ between the physical and spiritual worlds is so thin right now - it may not be the last time. If you normally have issues with grounding and staying present, you may find this challenge even greater now. Walking, stretching, dancing, wearing red or brown or eating grounding foods may help! Please try to keep your sleep and good eating on schedule through January.

We are approaching the Chinese New Year in early February - so in part this energy starts to settle by the time we get into Feb. This is a GOAT year. I always do a January reading with my Feng Shui person before the year change and so look forward to it! If you are interested in her information I’m happy to share it. Also, we welcome the names of those in your network group that make your life easier! It helps to build community and strong self care.

I hope you like our new website! We have been working for many weeks to update information and get a new calendar up that we can keep updated easily. We will be offering some recorded meditations along with the pendulums in our store AND rolling out new courses as we can! We are going BIG this year. Come along for the ride.

Many blessings,