Sunday, December 28, 2014

Introduction to the EMS Blog!

Hi all, Janna here.

Both Melinda and I will be contributing writers and we will occasionally have guest contributors as well. I hope you have had a fabulous summer and are getting ready for a new school year, fall, holidays, something FUN like maybe a vacation. Remember that even a few hours spent doing something you love can feel like a vacation!

It has been an incredibly loooong year of ‘hurry up and wait’ and all the while we have been in a pressure cooker of tension. Are you having anxiety symptoms? Trouble sleeping? Emotional challenges? Wondering what you are working so hard for – and getting more behind or barely keeping your head above water? Have you noticed knee or hip issues? Respiratory challenges (including upper back tension, lungs, ribs, etc.)?

Headaches, eye tension or clarity issues, trouble staying focused, loss of passion? Well, you are not alone. Just this week we are skirting digestive issues again as well and have you noticed people CRASHING emotionally? This week alone I have witnessed a dog being beaten, aggressive driving (what is new?) and both parents and children acting out toward each other. We only have to look to our world news to see the macrocosm of our issues playing out in a huge way. [Example: the explosion of issues and patterns around trust, power, cultural differences and politics playing out in our relationships with Russia, Israel, etc.]

Whew! We are clearing years and years of power issues, self esteem issues and patterns of abuse. There is great news, and not so good news, of course. The GREAT news is we are over the hump! We have fought our way to the top of this ‘change’ mountain and are starting down the other side into PEACE (inner peace begets outer peace). You should feel very proud of your ability to preserver. We can quickly forget how tough some of these challenges have been and we HAVE made it over the top. There is reason to celebrate.

The not so good news is we are not out of this pattern even though we are over the hump. We still have to (collectively) walk through the shifts, challenges, inner struggles and changes to finally arrive at our destination. Remember: You are NOT alone. It takes a village, so keep your community close and connected and look out for those who need some extra support. PIF – Pay It Forward! This time is all about helping to carry the burden – which serves to lighten the load of all. We can leave no (wo)man behind.

Humans are waking up to their light and divinity – their ability to create with their thoughts and to choose goodness, connection and love.

The gifts are coming and will flow very quickly once they begin.
Be the light in our world!



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